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  1. +1 I really really want this too. My preference would be for a link to a search like jefito posted in another thread as it covers tags and can be extended for more: http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/26957-request-extend-note-link-to-support-saved-searches/ I usually make a landing page with the same title as my tag name with reference material, brainstorming and other helpful information in it. I then link out to all my todos/other notes. Its to much work to then keep adding other notes to the landing page manually so the idea of a link to a saved search (for me it would be to open all notes in a tag) sounds great. I wanted this so bad that i have a rather un-elegant workaround i thought i'd share: I make batch files that use the ENScript to load the search for me. Or rather i have a batch file that makes batch files i can attach to the landing page. Note: this only works on windows Note: your path to ENScript may be diffident Note: needs clip.exe installed (think it comes with most copy's of windows). if you are unable to paste the link after running, open cmd and type "clip /?" to see if it installed. Note: change the 3rd line to a path where you want to keep a copy of these batch files create a batch file called EVTag.cmd (or what ever suits) with the following contents: Tip - if you save it in folder that's included in your path var you can run it from anywhere. @ECHO OFF SET Tag=%1 SET PathToSaveCMD=d:\bin\evernote\ REM loop through all the passed in args SHIFT :Loop REM concat all args into a var called tag - quit when arg is "" (nothing) IF "%1"=="" GOTO Continue SET Tag=%Tag% %1 SHIFT GOTO Loop :Continue REM if no args then exit IF "%Tag%"=="" GOTO Exit REM add dir and ext to file SET file=%PathToSaveCMD%%Tag%.cmd REM check the file already exists - copy the path to clipboard rather than overwrite it! IF EXIST "%file%" GOTO Copy REM add content to the file ECHO "C:\Program Files (x86)\Evernote\Evernote\ENScript.exe" showNotes -q "tag:%Tag%" >> %file% :Copy REM copy location of the new batch file to clipboard ECHO %file% | CLIP now any time you want to add a link to a search for tags hit [Windows] and [R] Key together to bring up the "run dialogue box" type "evtag yourtagname" and now you should be able to ether paste the link straight into evernote (if the tags only one word) or if you prefer, click on the attachment button and paste away. Result is a clickable link to a batch file that runs a the ENScript exe to preform a search. It could be any search, doesn't have to be for tags. Just adjust the script as needed. you can a fair bit with the ENScript.exe! http://dev.evernote.com/documentation/local/chapters/Windows.php Enjoy.
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