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  1. Hi all, thanks for digging into this! It does sound like something is up with the web client but that it's variable/intermittent. I think I'll submit a ticket trying to explain the weird intermittent behavior for some people, but I don't know how fast they'll fix it or if at all if it's hard to replicate consistently. Thanks everyone!
  2. Right that's exactly what I suggested they are doing with the poor design option 2. They don't need to do it this way though - they could choose option 1. It is too slow!
  3. Thanks for responding. It seems like it works now and the problem I was seeing is a delay bug from tagging items and them becoming searchable. If I create a new tag and then tag items with it, the search does not work for at least an hour. This is poor practice from a usability perspective. When you tell evernote to search the server should just do a search through all your items for the tag. I'm guessing instead how they do it is actually that when you tag something it is only showing as tagged for you, but in reality they wait for server side to add a column to a table that "x" items have this label now. This would then show up as a delay if you search for newly tagged or a newly created label that haven't been pre-processed and organized by the server. So generally I think this is just poor design practice, but eventually the search does work with tags on the web client if you wait long enough.
  4. Hi, I just signed up to evernote premium for the first time a couple weeks ago. Searching for tags when using the browswer does not work. It returns zero results, even if the tag exists on notes. This is such a basic functionality advertised by Evernote I'm really frustrated this doesn't work.
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