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  1. Thanks, Jeff. That fixed my problem. I just "assumed" that it wasn't working since I saw a paperclip/camera on the Touchpad and Kindle, and then I had a paperclip/handwriting thingy on my HTC One. Didn't think to tap the paperclip to see options.
  2. OK, I have 3 Android devices, each with the latest version of Evernote (verified the versions to be 5.8(1058073-public-com.evernote)). On my HTC One phone, I can create a note and I see the Add Handwriting button at the top and it works great. On my Kindle Fire 7 HDX with Google Play, I can create a note but I do not see the Add Handwriting button, only the old style paperclip and camera. I can only enter text into the new note. Funny thing is that I can open the note with handwriting created on the HTC One and it will allow me to Add Handwriting to that existing note when I tap on the marked up area. On my HP Touchpad with Android 4.3, it behaves the same as the Kindle Fire HDX. Any guesses? Thanks, Kevin
  3. Never mind. It must have just whacked out on me the first time. After logging back in and trying it, I got the blue pointer and pop-ups when I moved it around the edges.
  4. Is there a list of commands that can be used within presentation mode? Hate to be an idiot but I could not figure out what command/key sequence could get me out of presentation mode. Couldn't even bring up task manager to kill it (screen would just blink). Had to log out and back in. Thanks.
  5. Yeah, seriously, this should be a no-brainer. I don't want to have to lookup e-mail addresses and then copy/paste them into an Evernote window just to forward a note. What if I want the note to go to numerous recipients? This "feature" is really not usable and it seems like it would be low-hanging fruit to fix.
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