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  1. perfect, that was what I was looking for...I thought it would just have an evernote button but since I did not look at the "send page to..." that solved the problem. Advise...future should just have: Sent to Evernote Just my $0.02, and thanks.
  2. Sorry for the vagueness. I am looking for the ability to create a note in Penultimate and then have it show up on my desktop evernote client. So better question is what does linking my account in Penuiltimate do?
  3. Help. I have been using Penultimate for a while and have just started using Evernote and I can not get them to sync. I have Pen* set up under the settings to be linked to my evernote account. It even sees my folder structure when i assign what folder I want my notes to sync to. I have unlinked and linked again. uninstalled the app and re-installed. Am I missing a simple check box? Anyone have an idea on how to fix this?
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