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  1. @scruggles I use Sublime for editing, so the scroll past feature there is just like Atom. The scrolling-past-end feature in Evernote should be the same as in Atom & Sublime - you should be able to scroll past the end up to a maximum of where the last line is just at the top of the screen. So I'm agreeing with @jkmcrg here. Anyone used to the scroll-past feature will likely be expecting this behavior. Thanks for responding to us users!
  2. I've been wanting this for some time now. Completely agree that this would be an added benefit to the Evernote experience. Please implement this! Thanks EN team
  3. Soooo.... I've recently revisited Evernote + GTD, did a quick google search, and came across my own thread! Lol. Anyway, my original question was answered and I'm not interested in looking into David Allen's implementation of GTD with EN (using tons of notebooks). I'm happy with the baseline system that TSW establishes. As I read some of the posts above (it's been a while since I've been here) I realize that I'm running into the same issue others were having with TSW & EN: projects. @HeyMalc, I read your blog post and indeed, that helped to understand projects a bit more. I have two main tags for projects: .Projects.Acti​ve and .Projects.Inactive, both of which I now nest specific project names under. So thank you for that. I think TSW really needs to be updated, especially the videos. That would be great to have a 2015 version. One thing that I found that TSW instructed to do, but failed to explain, was the tag Read / Review. The structure looked something like this: .What.Projects.Active.Projects.InactiveRead / ReviewMy first thought was the Read / Review tag would be useful for articles that I wanted to read but didn't have time to at the moment. Or perhaps a book I'm intending on reading. But couldn't that just be filed under .Pojects.Inactive? If anyone has some insights on the Read / Review tag (or if you use something similar), I'm all ears. Other than that, I'm tweaking my EN + GTD system to my liking and have recently begun an overhaul of my old tag system as some have mentioned above.
  4. Thanks to cdagenais and csihilling for actually answering (the not tough at all) question. So basically, the workflow difference is TSW uses tags and the GTD EN e-book uses notebooks. That being said, I feel confident to stick with TSW and tweak it to my liking. Thanks guys.
  5. I'm not seeing how this is that difficult to answer. Just want some input from folks who have both tried The Secret Weapon AND the Evernote For Windows by David Allen. Trying to see if there's a difference in methodology. I seriously don't understand why this is a controversial question. If you don't have an answer, please, no disrespect, but try and refrain from "just get on and do the work" or "next". Thanks.
  6. Anyone else with some thoughts on the topic? I'd really like to know if there's a content difference between the product selling on David Allen's website and the free Secret Weapon pdf.
  7. I appreciate the response, but that didn't answer my question. Let me be the judge of what's an efficient use of my time . So anybody else have any experience with the 2 methods of using EN with GTD? What's their differences? Which do you prefer and why?
  8. Most folks who use David Allen's GTD (Getting Things Done) productivity system with Evernote have heard of The Secret Weapon by Braintoniq. David Allen and the good people over at GTD have their own setup guide (for $10) where they show you how to set up Evernote for use with GTD - GTD & Evernote For Windows. I have not purchased the GTD product, but I've seen many forum members here have. How does it work verses Braintoniq's The Secret Weapon? Is it worth the $10? I'd like to avoid redundancy here. I've set up Evernote using TSW technique with some tweaks of my own, but feel it could be better. Wondering if David Allen's guide is substantially different, offering a new or alternative approach, or if they're pretty much the same thing.
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