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  1. @scruggles I use Sublime for editing, so the scroll past feature there is just like Atom. The scrolling-past-end feature in Evernote should be the same as in Atom & Sublime - you should be able to scroll past the end up to a maximum of where the last line is just at the top of the screen. So I'm agreeing with @jkmcrg here. Anyone used to the scroll-past feature will likely be expecting this behavior. Thanks for responding to us users!
  2. I've been wanting this for some time now. Completely agree that this would be an added benefit to the Evernote experience. Please implement this! Thanks EN team
  3. I would REALLY like the ability through IFTTT to delete a note by title or some other criteria.
  4. Soooo.... I've recently revisited Evernote + GTD, did a quick google search, and came across my own thread! Lol. Anyway, my original question was answered and I'm not interested in looking into David Allen's implementation of GTD with EN (using tons of notebooks). I'm happy with the baseline system that TSW establishes. As I read some of the posts above (it's been a while since I've been here) I realize that I'm running into the same issue others were having with TSW & EN: projects. @HeyMalc, I read your blog post and indeed, that helped to understand projects a bit more. I have two main tags for projects: .Projects.Acti​ve and .Projects.Inactive, both of which I now nest specific project names under. So thank you for that. I think TSW really needs to be updated, especially the videos. That would be great to have a 2015 version. One thing that I found that TSW instructed to do, but failed to explain, was the tag Read / Review. The structure looked something like this: .What.Projects.Active.Projects.InactiveRead / ReviewMy first thought was the Read / Review tag would be useful for articles that I wanted to read but didn't have time to at the moment. Or perhaps a book I'm intending on reading. But couldn't that just be filed under .Pojects.Inactive? If anyone has some insights on the Read / Review tag (or if you use something similar), I'm all ears. Other than that, I'm tweaking my EN + GTD system to my liking and have recently begun an overhaul of my old tag system as some have mentioned above.
  5. Totally answered my own question. This may be for Sublime specific users, but there is a downloadable package called SublimeHighlight. Once in Sublime, it allows you to copy text as RTF which can then be successfully pasted into EN with all the syntax highlighting. Awesomeness!
  6. Hello All! While I know Evernote isn't tailored for coders, I've tried to set up my EN styling to help. For instance, I use a mono-space font as default this way when I paste in code, things will look readable (or familiar, at least). I use Sublime as my editor of choice, like many other programmers, and Sublime will colorize your code as you type to help visualize what's going on. While I don't expect EN to do something like this, I was wondering if there was a script or some add-on that could accomplish this. Here would be the workflow: Paste code into a new note Select the code (or portion of text) you'd like to colorize Run script or add-on The selected code is now colorized as in Sublime and other text editors Does something like this exist? Is it possible to create this in the EN universe? Not really sure of what can and can't be done here in EN land, but I'd sure like to find out! I've attached a screenshot of the colorization in Sublime for a visual reference. Thanks for any tips and constructive comments!
  7. Hand-keying spaces still results in the same thing. Here's a curve ball though... I copied from sublime into the Notes app, then copied that text from Notes into EN and it worked! The paces were maintained. The only thing is the font was carried over from Notes as well. If I did CMD + SHIFT + V from notes to EN, then we're back at square one - the spaces don't translate. That got me thinking. If EN senses that a font is present, then it will paste the correct format. When copying from Sublime to EN, apparently there is no font present. I wonder if there's a way to force a font to be present? Looks like Sublime has no formatting when copying.
  8. Thanks for the reply gentlemen. @GreyGary: In Sublime, I've both set the user and default settings for translate_tabs_to_spaces as true. This still has no effect. Any thoughts?
  9. Hello everyone, I use sublime text editor as my coding editor of choice. When I copy/paste from sublime into Evernote, all the indenting spacing is removed. This is terrible for trying to preserve the formatting of the code. I've tried command + shift + V as well with no success. Any thoughts? Is this a Mac EN bug?
  10. I'm searching through a note for a specific string, let's say for example all the words "the". How would I delete them all at once? The search highlights them, but I can only go and delete them one by one.
  11. I have Evernote installed on 3 devices: home pc (Windows 7), Laptop (Windows 7), and my android Galaxy S4. I'll keep this to the two computers. I just noticed that EN is not syncing correctly between the 2 computers. I've created some new tags that don't get synced, and also some notes have been tagged with tags that are on both computers but the tagging is not syncing either (one computer shows the note tagged, the other does not). Any thoughts on this?
  12. The "concatenated.tag.hierarchy.scheme" is a bust for sure. Unfortunately, it's the only workaround I know. That and remembering all your tags, like you suggested. The issue I bring up is when I have a new note and I'd like to scroll through the list of tags to tag that note. At that point, it would be very helpful to have the hierarchy in tact. But yes, regardless of hierarchy, the list will begin to filter when typing in a tag.
  13. When trying to tag a new note created in Evernote for Android, the tag list has no hierarchy, rather its in alphabetical order. Anyone else find this counter-intuitive? I've gone through the trouble of creating the tag hierarchy only to have it removed when needed in Android. If any dev's are checking this out, this is just a constructive criticism of EN5 for Android. It would be more efficient to have the tag hierarchy maintained when trying to tag a note in Android. The only workaround I know is to create tags that have the hierarchy in them. This becomes cumbersome and the tags get long. For example: Projects Projects.Work Projects.Personal Projects.Home Projects.Home.Basement Projects.Home.Attic Music Music.Business Music.Songs Music.Song Ideas Music.Song Ideas.Completed etc.
  14. Thanks to cdagenais and csihilling for actually answering (the not tough at all) question. So basically, the workflow difference is TSW uses tags and the GTD EN e-book uses notebooks. That being said, I feel confident to stick with TSW and tweak it to my liking. Thanks guys.
  15. I'm not seeing how this is that difficult to answer. Just want some input from folks who have both tried The Secret Weapon AND the Evernote For Windows by David Allen. Trying to see if there's a difference in methodology. I seriously don't understand why this is a controversial question. If you don't have an answer, please, no disrespect, but try and refrain from "just get on and do the work" or "next". Thanks.
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