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  1. no no, I really want to use evernote, I like it so much especially for multiplatform and graphic design, maybe you can add this feature (enable/disable blank title - which allow create note without it) ? please allow users to choose
  2. Hi all, I have quick question. How to create simple note without titles ? I know that I have options "Suggested note titles" but I want to ask you if it possible to create note without title, just note, and enable view which disable title from notes ? I love evernote but really want to have possibility to create just simple note, I completely don't understand why I need to enter title for each note ? it's not an email it's just note If I enable "Suggested note titles" options it will create all notes with the same title "Unititled note" so it doesn't make any sense. or maybe it is possible create note with blank title (enable permanently this options) ? Thanks in advance for any help/suggestion. Regards
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