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  1. Why is the Evernote Android 8 widget buggy ? I was using Evernote on an Android 7 phone to quickly store reminders for tasks, and I used the widget to display the reminders on a separate screen on the phone. When I completed a task I would go to the widget screen and tick the box next to the reminder to close the task out. In business with numerous tasks this was a very useful feature. Now with an Android 8 phone I can still quickly store reminders and display them on a separate screen. But when it comes to tapping the screen to tick the box next to the reminder the screen freezes and I cannot tick the box. This makes the feature useless. In fact I've stopped using Evernote to store task reminders. I use Google keep which always works. I've noticed that in the last year (18 months) there has only been a couple of updates for Evernote on Android. Is this the beginning of the end ?
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