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  1. I posted above, reiterating the horrible slowness and claiming that the new iPad Mini Retina did not address the problem. I then cast about for ways to solve it. One way is using a third party app to make a note and zap it to Evernote. There are several, among them FastEver. I settled on Drafts, which is highly rated (see recent macworld article: http://tinyurl.com/knm7hj8). I then used the Send to Evernote option in Drafts and it worked well. THEN I went back to Evernote and discovered the the note in the main notebook I usually use to record notes was HUGE. It was huge because Evernote appended every conflict dating back to the beginning of the year with a version of that same file. That is to say, I was a reasonably large file on its own, but with all the appended files it grew to monumental proportions. In July I had noticed this and deleted all the appended files, but for some reason Evernote put them back. I recall Evernote used to post a separate file that recorded the conflict, rather than appending them. So, I spent a bit of time deleting all the appended files (if you select text and then move to the bottom of the screen, Evernote won't continue scrolling and selecting; I had to Select All and then deselect the original file, then delete) and went back to the original notes file on my phone and iPad. I didn't have to sit there tapping the screen 20 times for the keyboard to appear--it came right up. So, in my case, it would seem the slowness in response resulted from the smaller-memory iOS devices trying to contend with opening a file almost too large for their memories. So, now I have a working iOS Evernote, and Drafts in case it doesn't in the future. Note: check the file size of your slowly moving Evernote. Steve
  2. I've been using Evernote Premium on the iPad Mini and, like most here, very annoyed at having to tap the screen twenty times to get the keyboard to come up, and then watch the 300 baud-like letters s l o w l y appear on the screen. I was looking forward to my new Mini with the A7 solving the problem. It didn't. Evernote is just as slow as it was on the iPad 2 equivalent (the original Mini), so it ain't the device. Sad, since I like the app, but it's pretty much unusable. Anyone hear from Evernote? I don't see any responses from them. Maybe they're responding o n a n i O S d e v i c e. Steve
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