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  1. I'm finding Skitch crashes frequently in High Sierra. Anybody else seeing this?
  2. Rebooting did not work. Time for step #2 if no one comes up with an easy answer in the next six hours or so. I'm on hotel WiFi so step #3 may not be practical this week. Frustrating! But thanks anyway.
  3. DTLow - Nope, that's not it. After reading your message I tried something. I went into Evernote preferences and deleted all keyboard shortcuts. That didn't solve the problem or change anything. I then noticed that when Evernote created a new note, it pasted the contents of the clipboard in the note. So that's another clue as to what might be going on.
  4. Whenever Evernote is running, and I type an "A" in any app, Evernote starts a new note. Evernote seems to have created a global keyboard shortcut to produce this behavior, though I cannot find the keyboard shortcut in the Evernote app or in the Mac OS preferences. I'm running Evernote Version 6.9.2 (454158 Direct) on El Capitan 10.11.6. Please help! This is a big problem. I note there is another thread on this exact problem in the forum. It's closed and marked as a duplicate but I cannot find the original thread where I can find the answer.
  5. I'm a journalist. I take notes in Evernote, and write articles in Ulysses. Each article gets a unique tag. I tag the Ulysses document with that tag, and then I use the same tag on every Evernote note associated with that article.
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