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  1. Thanks for your efforts Mike and GM. You have forced me to think about what I am really trying to do, and when I analyse it like that, I think I am trying to replace my Moleskine! I have used Moleskine notebooks for years, quadrille paper, a whole stack of them containing my ideas, projects and SKETCHES for the last 6-7 years! I often find I start a project with ideas, sketches and mind maps and I was suddenly excited that using Ink Notes, I could do all of this in Evernote. Maybe this is a good thing, because there is a comfortable and pleasurable experience in writing longhand in a nice notebook with a quality pen whilst sipping a coffee.
  2. I guess a part of the problem is that Evernote is a note taking system and not a Diagramming system. Simple diagram elements could be introduced, but then it goes further and further and feature requests become more and more complex. Simple shapes,connecting lines and/or arrows and text over the top (no shading, gradients, clever stuff) would be just fine for me and fine for the majority I imagine. But then those requests for genuine diagramming tools will start to appear and its a question of where you draw the line (so to speak! Hahaha).
  3. I can always create a diagram in something like Fireworks (adobe) it can be quick and dirty, but then having to open another app, save as a jpg and then import..... I come back to the fact that something like a Google Doc is an easier workflow and in OneNote I can do it all in the same place. I am not talking about works of arts, usually they are process flow diagrams or even quick and dirty wireframes for website page designs or site structures. I really like the way that Evernote Ink Notes are able to decide what shape I was drawing (using the star button) so if I could just throw a few quick labels onto my simple boxes and circles, then Ink Notes would be perfect.
  4. So I just discovered Ink Notes whilst I was looking for a way to document a very large project I am about to start. I was so excited! And then I discovered that I cant type onto an ink note to label any drawings..... DEVASTATED.... I may have to go back to OneNote for Project documentation, I really dont want to, I simply want to be able to label a drawing done in an Ink Note. Surely I am not asking for something incredibly complex! http://www.evernote.com/shard/s137/sh/ad51095b-b630-44b5-b9f8-4544097cc251/98306be43c87ca6c86617169d48a81d1
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