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  1. I'm a premium Evernote 7.2.1 user on an iPad 3 with a Zagg Bluetooth keyboard. Lately (after version 7), I find that typing in Evernote results in a LOT of duplicated keystrokes. Or should I say keyy dduplicaation? I notice that often the duplication is preceded by a small hitch where keystrokes are slow in registering. Now, I know that key duplication is seen as a hardware, bluetooth issue, but not so in this case. I use numerous other apps and do a good deal of typing in them, and only Evernote has this problem. Safari, TapForms, Mail, Facebook, NONE of these apps display even the slightest trouble with key duplication. I have tried everything. Rebooting the iPad, disconnecting and "forgetting" the keyboard, closing down every app but Evernote, etc. Nothing works. Key duplication continues to show up in Evernote and nowhere else. Please take a look into this. I'm at the point of wanting to back up all my old notes, cancel my subscription, and move to an app that captures what I type and doesn't require a massive spellcheck later.
  2. Excellent. Good to know I'm not crazy for suggesting these things
  3. Hi folks, Love using Evernote for writing, and it works great connected to my bluetooth Zagg keyboard. One thing I would love is a word count. This could be something toggled on or off in the settings, or could be in the "Note Info," but when I am writing, I usually have a target I want to hit, like 1500 words or something. A word count would be very helpful. The second thing that would be helpful is full screen editing. I know there is full screen viewing, but editing would be helpful as well, especially if it removed all other menu options and just gave you your text. Finally, it would be nice if "tabbing" was a little more intuitive. When I create a new note, and start in the title, if I hit tab on my keyboard, it goes to tags, which is great. If I hit tab again, it goes back to the title and then just cycles between the two. Instead, it would be great if the next tab took you to the body text. Just a few thoughts. The app is fantastic and meets a lot of needs!
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