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  1. Hi All, I'm a long time user with a new issue. I add many attachments/documents from Gmail by opening them in a new window, then using the Evernote Web-Clipper in Chrome to add to Evernote. This has worked for me for a very long time (years?). Recently, I've not been able to open those attachments. They still show up in Evernote, and I can see them in Evernote's preview, but they won't open with an external app. Attachments that I've added by downloading them and dragging them into Evernote still open fine. These are the troubleshooting steps I've taken: I've deleted and re-installed the Evernote desktop appI've deleted and re-installed the web clipperI've created this video to show you the issue. For whatever reason, when I was creating the video, there was a sync error. This doesn't normally happen and the issue has been going on for a week or so, now. Thoughts? Ways to fix this? https://youtu.be/keIMLwxkcao Thanks, Lynn
  2. I have the same problem. I can't get Scannable to handle business cards as anything other than a regular document scan and when I try to 'add to contacts' it just wants to assign. I've gone back to the EN mobile app.
  3. For regular docs that don't need tagging, I use Scannable because it's faster. I still find that using the EN app for mobile scanning works better for me than Scannable when scanning business cards or docs that I want more upload control (i.e. tags)
  4. Thanks for the tip, Gus! I don't use Google Drive that much and didn't even know that there was a local app for it. I'll explore that option. Lynn
  5. Hi Bryan, You can find my scripts here: https://www.evernote.com/l/AAOQNzfoDBBF37b9lki9LtqpP0XqKXBOey4 I still am not using this for my emailed receipts, just my scanned receipts. I could never get gmail to play with IFTTT the way I wanted. Hope this helps, Lynn
  6. I'm excited to have this new feature integrated into Evernote! Maybe I'm missing something, but I'm seeing a couple of strange things: When I scan a card, in addition to the card entry itself where it self populates the info in an address book format, I'm getting a second entry titled "Note" in Evernote with just the name and email address.I'm not seeing where I save this to my iPhone's contacts and it doesn't seem to be doing it automatically.Thanks, Lynn
  7. Hi All, I've gone down the rabbit hole of using Hazel to OCR, rename, and file scanned docs into specific Evernote and it has transformed my paperless life by saving me time. I used to scan my docs with my SnapScan and manually lable/file them manually. I loved having my entire life in Evernote, but hated the repetitive task of naming things that I get monthly. My solution? I setup a cascading folder system to automate as much as possible. Here's how it currently works: File gets scanned to a folder called "EvernoteScansForHazel," where it sits for 2 minutes, giving Acrobat time to OCR it.It then gets moved to a "NameSpecificFiles" where it names the files based on content rules and gets moved to 'SortToProperty' 'SortToProperty' is my notebook filing structure (I'm a real estate developer so the bulk of my papers are property related) where it uses more content rules to identify which noteboook the document belongs in, then creates the note it the appropriate notebook. If there isn't a match for notebooks, it simply creates the note in my ~Inbox.So, now to my challenge. This setup works so well that now I want certain emails to run through the system. The problem is, I can't figure out how to get my emails into the system appropriately. I *think* I'm going to have 2 distinct paths that need to be taken, but I'm struggling to find the solution. For emailed receipts (not an attachment) - The usual IFTTT recipe doesn't seem to work because most of the emails are HTML so I think I'm going to have to print to PDF into the "EvernoteScansForHazel" folder. The challenge with this is that I use Gmail and can't seem to automatically print to PDF. Is the solution to simply change to an email program like Apple Mail? For receipts with an attachment - some plugin that downloads the attachments? attachments.me has been discontinued. I need something that can have specific rules. For instance, I don't want to download ALL attachments that come into my inbox, only those with emails that have the words invoice or statement. Once I get this handled, my next step will to be to add the tag @bills to my notes. I'm thinking this requires an if/then/else statement in Applescript, but since I don't know how to do this, it will require some research. Anyone with any thoughts on any of this? Thanks, Lynn
  8. Thanks for all the info. I am talking about digital docs, usually of the legal contract variety. I've got a couple on my desktop that I'm just about to send to my lawyer that I've signed via Acrobat's (the Pro version) signing feature. My barometer is going to be, if it's okay with her, it probably will stand up in court. If that doesn't work, I'll either use a service like Right Signature or DocuSign when needed. Or, I'll just print, sign scan. Brooks - thank you for the link to your blog post. I'll give it a read. Lynn
  9. Hi All, I took the plunge a couple of weeks ago, got myself a ScanSnap 1300s, and have jumped into paperless like a maniac. I've garnered a ton of great info from these discussions. Big thanks to all that are contributing! I've come to my first obstacle that I can't find a good solution for. I receive quite a few documents that I need to sign and I'm wondering, how do you guys handle this? Of course, I could just print, sign, scan and send back out, but I'm wondering if there is a better solution. I have my signature and initials scanned so if the document comes in Word or something similar, it's pretty easy. Acrobat has digital signing capabilities but I'm not sure how many people use/accept the documents that way. Thoughts? Thanks, Lynn
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