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  1. Definitely would love to see support for MarkDown...especially for my team and communication purposes.
  2. I too had this issue - iPad 2 with the latest 8.1 update. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling the application and that seems to have resolved the problem.
  3. All, found that the problem was in fact due to what seemed to be a corrupt note attachement. I removed the note and expunged it from Evernote. Synced and then re-added the note. Everything is back up an working again.
  4. I'm having issues syncing with evernote. It just won't sync my local changes back to the server. Currently status.evernote.com is not reporting any issues with the servers. Anyone else having this problem? Any advice to get past it?
  5. I too am having this issue. On a rMBP.
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