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  1. I know well truecrypt, but why use two password when i could use just one? I'm not asking to do a double job. However, i'll continue using the online version where i need more privacy and keep hoping evernote will integrate full encryption.
  2. Sorry, i didn't search before posting. I'm reading now some discussion and i get the point, but i'd like at least to have the choice to encrypt my DBs. I'm not interested in search and OCR functions, for example. Of course i'm not asking for secret-services-level-encryption, just a simple one. I know truecrypt and that's for more serious stuff, i don't want to encrypt the entire disk to keep some notes private. Otherwise, the already implemented encryption of single parts of the notes is not enough for me. Whole disk encryption is always the best solution, but many softwares encrypt their DBs theirselves without asking. is that difficult to implement? (just asking, i don't know about programming) Sorry for my english
  3. Hi, I was looking for directories where Evernote stores its DBs and I discovered that all the notes are saved unencrypted! It doesn't make sense that i have to enter a password to login when anyone who have access to my pc can read all notes simply opening them with a text editor. No problem if i'm on my home pc, but I use Evernote at work and i have to use the online version because i don't know who could see files on my pc. Maybe you can think to implement some sort of encryption in the next version? I'm a great fan Thanks
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