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  1. Thanks so much. Did not notice the settings cog. Resolved several issues with the cog.
  2. Running Evernote on Win 10 Pro with Chrome. Everything up to date. I go to use Web Clipper to stick a web page into a "Purchases" folder to track my online purchases. There was an old tag from last Christmas that constantly appears on the screen in Web Clipper. I have to delete it each time. Is there a way to have it not show up on every web clip?
  3. Opened EN for Windows 10 Pro. Opened note that had an Excel imbedded in it (I assume it is an attachment). But the Excel is not there. Signed into the web based EN, went to the same note which has an Excel imbedded. Opened the Excel and everything is OK. Anyone have an idea why the Win version (I don't know what version because the About opens in a blank window. I know it is a recent release.
  4. Have the latest release of Evernote on Win 10. In the app, there is no preferences, so where do I find that? Did a search for *.exb. Can't find it searching C:. Looked inside C:\Users\XXXX\AppData\Roaming\Evernote. No *.exb files there. So where is this stuff on EN 10.6.9?
  5. Ctrl&C from a web email app, go to Evernote (can't tell release because it is beta and blank). Create new note. In the new note do a Ctrl&V. Nothing happens. This also happened in the prior production release. Anyone else having this kind of trouble?
  6. Went to clip a website today. Signed into Evernote webclipper (Version: on Chrome. The elephant turned green, but when I click on it, nothing happens. Windows 10 Pro. Anyone else suddenly having issues with Webclipper?
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