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  1. I am using the free web version and I now need to migrate away from evernote due to the new 50 notes limit. I am not able to export my notebooks form the web version as there is no such option, and I cannot use the desktop version since the free version doesn;t allow me to. How else can I export my notebooks?
  2. https://www.evernote.com/Devices.action shows 2 devices current mobile device and web I just installed the mobile app again and gave it another try and mysteriously it seems to have started working again. No idea why, I did not change anything. My wife couldn't cannot even log into the web app from her PC, but was able to login from her phone, so removed her devices there. so it eems even the web app limits you from logging in from only 1 device. So if you have logged into website form more than 1 devices, you get locked out.
  3. You can keep saying that till the cows come home, but it does not change the fact that neithe rmyself nor my wife is able to use either the mobile app or the desktop app on the free plan anymore. It stopped working some time ago and told that I must upgrade, so we are forced to use the web app.
  4. free users USED TO have access to desktop and mobile apps, but not anymore. This was revoked some time ago, thus why I am now only using the web version.
  5. I have my entire notebook shared with my wife, and it has been for years, so this is not a new setup or share. But she is not able to see any notes I have added since March 2021 We are both using the free/web only version, so there obviously cannot be able sync issues since I am not syncing from any device. Although I have the feeling this issue started since they removed access to he desktop and mobile apps for free users.
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