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  1. I know this topic a over a month old, just wondering if anyone has found the optimal solution? I think why people are confused about the photo storage options, is they aren't trying to store photos, thus it doesn't seem related. I imagine the most common scenario is they are trying to add a picture for sharing or to compliment the information in the note, etc. So whatever the method of adding that picture (directly form camera, from gallery, shared from another app, etc.) they would like a simple option to pop-up where they can quickly decide (small, medium, large, full-res). If you upload 2 full res pictures, and you share that notebook with a non-paying member, it could easily be over their monthly data cap to do anything with those pictures requiring an 'upload' form their side. I would love to hear what others are doing to get as close to this as possible. Here's what I do. All my pictures get automatically synced to my home desktop PC (use whatever option you would like here). Then that folder gets batch re-sized to optimal viewing size, and then re-synced to a separate folder on my device. So I will always have a mirror folder of all my pictures in a compressed, easily share-able size, and I don't kill my friends data caps. There is a little setup time for this, and they are not available instantly, but if I do need it instantly...I will just take that photo at low res (If I will never need a hi-res copy), or manually compress it with any old photo app on device. What's everyone else doing these days?
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