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  1. Good day, I remove the app store version en install the website version, now Evernote still find the app store notes on my drive and is copy them, to where ??? Tnx
  2. Good day When I clip a page with clipper for firefox (didn't test others) and it was send to evernote I want to edit that note for example with text above it, it won' t work on the mac. It edit the text in the capture of the page What can I do?
  3. Yes. Even better is this: storage is cumulative. As a Premium member, I have an upload allowance of 1GB per month, but I have 13Gb + in my Evernote account right now. With 5 clients I could download 65 GB (5x13) or more if I wanted to every week, and it wouldn't affect my upload allowance one bit. The only thing Evernote calculates is how much you upload each month. Oke, thanks for the info
  4. I have now 60Mb every month, with 5 clients I can upload 60 Mb total and download 5 x 60 Mb Is that correct ?
  5. Since the file systems of each OS are different, no. As GM said, you'd need to install the apps on each computer & sync from one device to another via the EN servers/cloud. Is that then from my amount of Mb' s ??
  6. Hi. If you mean that you would like to go into your computer, copy the Evernote folder in your database files, and paste it into your iPad, I imagine this is possible (providing you can find an app to stick it into), but nothing would run from the iPad. You would just be carrying it around, exactly as if you had copied it onto a flash drive. The same thing is basically true of the others. I assume, though, that you mean you would like to have a single account for Evernote that works on any machine, so that if you have it on you iPad and make a note, you can open and edit that note on your Windows machine at work, your Blackberry work phone, your XP laptop, etc. If so, then you are in luck. This is precisely what Evernote is made to do I use five of the Evernote clients with my account: the Web, OSX (Mac), Windows, Android, and iOS (iPad and iPhone). I made a note last night before bed on my iPhone, and when I woke up this morning, I began editing it on my Mac, and this afternoon when I go out I will use my iPad to continue editing it. There are certain idiosyncrasies with each platform that you will want to familiarize yourself with in order to get the most out of any workflow. For example, there are no stacks on the iPad and Android can only append to, not modify the content of a note with images in it. I know it is possible with sync on every client, but i have a free account and think that when I install a new client on my Iphone, or android my use is running fast backwards.
  7. Hello, Is it possible to copy the database from a mac to a Ipad, or a Win XP mini laptop or a Win 7 Laptop all with the same account?? Thanks
  8. A different work flow. I have a folder with a workflow that make all the pictures in that folder smaller to max 300px Then I move all the picture to evernote in one note for 1 album Location of the original files in the first line of the note Orginal picture folder 57 Mb after resize 579 Kb, perfect for quick looking
  9. I try it and with a big album it won't work. I think because i have not premium With a small album it works 6 new notes with 1 photo in every note Even then the files are big 500 Kb per files same size as the photo orginal Total 3Mb I personal did't diffrent: Iphoto > Album > Select all photo's > Print > Contact sheet > Edit > set coloms > print > Save as PDF > PDF is now 1,3 Mb I open the pdf and save it with 150 dpi file is now 188KB If you zoom in you see the diffrent, but for quick search it works perfect for me
  10. I have a folder "PdftoEvernote" on my desktop Automator get the files in there send them to my email Evernote account to a speciale notebook. It works great, sometime it take a bit longer but it works Image is from a Dutch Mac First he gets the file in the folder, then create the email and send it
  11. I put the hole mail to evernote by draging. You see then a eml in evernote with the possiblity to quick looking you see then the mail and de pdf with came with the mail.
  12. I install it now also on a win laptop and see what the looking for.
  13. There is a tag colum in the mac version, see picture At the bottom left you have a wheel symbol click it and you can chance the colum view
  14. I'am a fan of template, it looks great. But how save is the site with my notes ? Can I edit the notes local and then use them for private use
  15. Thanks, now only place a background image in it, so you can't delete it by accident
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