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  1. I'm a daily user of Evernote ... and a long time user at that. I never noticed any interruption, delay or any other hiccup. I've never lost a note even from occasional intermittent Inet connections. Bravo, Bill Drissel Frisco, TX
  2. I pasted some text from a PDF that had the words, "file", "files" and "specified". They appeared in EN as "le", "les" and "specied" as if "fi" was rendered as a NULL string. I'd also like to be able to set an option to "simplify formatting" automatically when pasting. After pasting, the first move of the cursor is unpredictable (to me). Pasting a table from PDF doesn't work and produces most mysterious results. I love EN ... keeeep on makin' it better Bill Drissel Grand Prairie, TX
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