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  1. Evernote is there to retrieve information from sources/devices? Not from my brain? That is interesting and if so I can see how Evernote may not be useful for me. I don't need to capture info from sources or devices, I need to capture thoughts and ideas in a way that I can easily access them to generate more thoughts and ideas. The software being across different devices is secondary because if it works on different devices it will be able to more quickly capture those thoughts and ideas (as I don't have to go to my computer). Well yes I realise that... This is my "this" I suppose I think this post is relevant because the specifitc bits of OneNote I'm talking about do not appear to be that overly complex. I know Onenote does some pretty complicated awesome stuff with OCR for example and search but its just the ability to write everywhere that is my "thing" and I think its a thing that plenty of people will share but obviously that is based on no market research.
  2. I want to switch to being able to do all my work from an Android Asus Transformer. I think I will try and play with Onenote for Android though. I don't trust Microsoft's commitment to being cross platforms even if they currently have an android app. What do you mean by generate text?
  3. I think it is pretty unique to ON but really there is only ON and EN that do this well. Before ON and EN the equivalent thing to just jot notes would be Notepad or Paint. I'd argue microsoft Paint is a place outside of One note that does typing everywhere. I kind of feel EN has gone for a better version of notepad and Onenote has gone for a better version of Paint. But for a lot of the work I do (Writing up ideas, categorising them, or doing things like making user stories or maketting stuff), it's really helpful to be able to write anywhere as I can start working on things before having to worry about formatting. (I know some software planning people where Paint is their primary tool) Regarding re-ordering and tables. The main thing I find that gets in the way with most table tools is having to decide the size of the table before I start filling it with content. Usually I don't know how big the table will be as I'm typing it. The reason why I focus on going on about being "Creative" is because if I have an idea in my head I want it down on paper as quick as possible. Having to make even a tiny descion like table size is annoying. By making it so the table is created by clicking "tab" means it can grow organically. --- Regarding multiple devices. Making it so that you can type anywhere on the screen across multiple devices may be tough. If I create devices with crazy layouts I imagine viewing them on the screen will be complicated. Thanks for the info about shortcut keys. Jamie
  4. How do I post a feature request? I googled it but just got a thread about how there is no specific feature request place apart from the boards. I feel like the first most important request would be a pretty major re-write of Evernote! Could be wrong on that
  5. I really love the idea of Evernote and I really want something that is non-microsoft so that I can use it on all devices (especially Android Tablets). However there are a couple of pretty simple features of OneNote I love: I like being able to click anywhere on the screen and start typing. When I write notes on paper I rarely stop from the top left corner and write things like a letter. I like being able to make full use of my space. This is a game changer for me because the whole point of these note programs is for them to help me feel creative and not get in the way. When I want to make a table (and this happens loads) I can just hid tab after typing something and it becomes a table When I want bullet points I used Ctrl + Fullstop I can use drag and drop to re-order bullets and tables. I know onenote can do more advanced stuff then this but I don't really care about that stuff because I just want something that replaces a pad of paper. And its a shame because i really love the idea of evernote. Are my criticisms fair? Or am I just using Evernote incorrectly and there are other ways around things?
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