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  1. My Gmail keyboard shortcuts are back to normal operation now for me (version
  2. +1 I am switching from Skitch now because of this bug.
  3. Hi Bob, Thank you for a quick reply, sorry I missed it until now. In fact I don't experience this problem anymore. I don't know whether it has been fixed or if I had some local error earlier that was resolved by a restart or something, but as you say, the selection persists now. Best, Joel
  4. Hello! I have used Evernote for many years and I use the search function a lot. Since quite recently the default sorting order has been relevancy whereas I am used to recency. I want to be able to find notes matching a search phrase and I usually know at about what time the notes was updated, which makes it easy to find the note in question. Is there any way to change the default sorting order so that I don't have to change this every time I search? Otherwise I would strongly suggest developing this simple feature since I don't think relevancy is the best way to find notes when you yourself have written them. It is definitely the best way to sort search results when you are gathering information from several sources that you are not familiar with, but that is not the case with your own notes. Thank you Joel
  5. Thanks GrumpyMonkey! Yeah I had Evernote installed before. Pretty sure it was the same problem, and I did try showing hidden files, but still didn't find the Evernote folder in the library. It probably was somewhere around, but I couldn't find it. Anyhow, I was answered quickly by the support staff that advised me to do a full uninstall, reboot and a new install. That solved the problem since my Evernote Web files were not duplicated.
  6. I have the exact same problem. Evernote does not appear in the application support folder so I can't try the fixes mentioned above. Have filed a support request, # 16051-115544. Joel
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