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  1. This post can be the sacrificial one in case Evernote doesn't want the location of its preferences file known. ~/Library/Containers/com.evernote.Evernote/Data/Library/Preferences/com.evernote.Evernote.plist Found using fseventer.
  2. I recently gained more screen space, and now there's a huge blank area at the bottom of my sidebar. My first thought to use that space was to increase the number of recent notes displayed, because that's something I've been limited by for a while. I was sure I'd reduced it to 5 in the past, to fit my smaller screen, but I guess I must not have. So, I agree. I think everyone who's ever used modern software is surprised to discover that the number of recent notes isn't adjustable. It's just a basic and expected feature. Furthermore, this is a simple feature that would take only a short time to implement, and it would increase users' productivity and satisfaction greatly. (The app's obviously got the number 5 somewhere, probably hardcoded or as a constant. I think it would be relatively simple—as software development goes —to make that a variable and put a setting in the preferences or View menu.) I already looked in Evernote's preferences file and found no secret setting for this. By the way, the preferences file is somewhat hidden—I had to use a tool to find it, and I won't say where it is for fear of having my post deleted. Indeed, I'm no longer confident in Evernote's benevolence. Evernote seems to be getting more and more like Spotify, seeing its free service as nothing more than a captive audience to which it can advertise its paid service, not caring if the free users end up hating it instead of paying it. The absence of care for the free users as demonstrated by a) the lack of this simple feature that I expected to already exist, and that people have been asking for for months with no result, and constantly asking me if I want to upgrade to Evernote Premium, when I said no just last week, is causing me to consider switching to a different note-keeping app. I certainly won't be upgrading to Evernote Premium unless this changes, because I don't want to pay you when you treat your free users so poorly. (Same with Spotify—they also refuse to implement simple and much-demanded features like reviewing and editing your radio likes and dislikes, so I refuse to upgrade to Spotify Premium.) I realize free users aren't paying and so we have less say in features, but you, Evernote, need to realize that we have complete say in what apps we use. And if I switch to a different note-keeping app, you lose the ability to try to convince me to upgrade to Premium. Do you want that? Or do you want to convince me and everyone who thinks the same but didn't bother to post, through actions, not words, that Evernote is worth sticking with and possibly even paying for? (And just in case a rogue employee wants to delete my account for pointing out problems, I've made backups of my database. )
  3. After I clip a page using the Clipper, it shows a black "Clipped title" box, which gives me the option to either view or edit my new note, and displays a Related Notes section below. It also displays a bubble pointing to the Related Notes tab, explaining what it is ("Related Notes: Evernote finds up to three notes in your account that are related to the page you just clipped and presents them here."). This bubble has a close button at the top right; when I point to the close button, I get a regular tooltip that says "Don't show this notification again". Therefore, I expected that if I clicked this close button, the bubble wouldn't reappear the next time I clipped something. However, it appears every time. It does close when I click the close button (or anywhere else on the bubble).
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