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  1. @BurgersNFries I have tested it. You are right. Without "_" EN will find it. Thank You But hard to know, that attchement Names will not be found. Because here start one file with "note..." But OK, now i know it Any ideas for my first problem ? Look at the top, of my old first post https://www.evernote.com/shard/s141/sh/7fc6a032-e1d7-4def-b96c-461ecb26315b/6709a80904bba81620010a18dea316ce?noteKey=6709a80904bba81620010a18dea316ce&noteGuid=7fc6a032-e1d7-4def-b96c-461ecb26315b
  2. The word "NOTEBOOKS..." is not only in the attached files, it is in the name of the note, too. The name of the Note is: "Anschreiben_notebooksbil..."
  3. Hi GrumpyMonkey, It's not the same! In the new issue, Evernote found on any platform nothing! And if you look at my example / link. It must be easy to find. best - ever2012
  4. Catastrophic search the 2nd / Katastrophale Suche Evernote die 2te take a look at https://www.evernote...74-9383a3e3d7ab Can not believe it! Premium-Account Testet: Windows client (2 PCs) / Android / Webpage
  5. Never ending story Catastrophic search the 2nd https://www.evernote.com/shard/s141/sh/6558c265-fb72-43dd-8874-9383a3e3d7ab/ec0c138e408233b444b13cea06ff389c?noteKey=ec0c138e408233b444b13cea06ff389c&noteGuid=6558c265-fb72-43dd-8874-9383a3e3d7ab
  6. No change in the problem. One can not rely on the search! Can not believe it! That's a disaster! I'm like the only really use the Evernote seriously Certainly not, but I do not want to think about it, if I had left in my example to look in a browser and Android. I got an extra month premium account, but what good is this if not the search works 100%? Very few are aware of this fatal mistake. I hope you just edit the unimportant things, and make the search of any decisions / payments. ---- best - cheffe
  7. Ticket started long time ago ;-) Erstellungsdatum: 6/7/2012 7:49 AM EDT Anfrage #: 16051-108898 ---- best - cheffe
  8. Different search results between Evernote Windows client PC and or web browser or Android. Windows PC 01 = 16 results Windows PC 02 = 16 results Browser = 6 results Android client = 6 results One can not be sure when searching via the web interface;-( Errors reported on Thursday 7 June 2012 14:49:41 (Germany) No, I do not use private notes ;-) screenprints http://www.evernote....0010a18dea316ce I only came up with the idea, because I knew that there must be more results! This is really a heavy bow, I just use my premium account for the finding on different platforms. That to me is the greatest argument to use Evernote. Hope Evernote solves the problem in the near future. best - cheffe
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