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  1. Thought I'd contribute here, even though the post is quite old. I've just completed my first year at university and I've done so (almost) paperlessly. All modules I take get their own notebook. I also have two extra notebooks - one for misc notes and one for paperwork specifically to do with my place at university (student loans etc).All my class notes are taken on my laptop directly into Evernote. Since I'm studying History of Art having the internet open and working into a digital notebook means that I can easily google images we're discussing and place them straight into my notes. The only thing that would make this better would be having a little camera on the back of my Mac Air so that I can capture images of the whiteboard discreetly. Occasionally I also record lectures, although this has been less successful. The evernote recording algorithms just aren't as good.I save all journal articles I use (or might use in the future) directly into Evernote as their own note. Then I use the mark up feature to go through and highlight them. Having the premium membership also means that I can search the PDF's like any other note - extraordinarily helpful when it comes to writing essays.Once a week I sit down and scan any paper I've collected from classes. This means notes we've been given, returned essays etc. I do keep the paper in a level arch file. Everything is captured on Evernote that was once paper. I invested in a multiple page feeder scanner, it wasn't too expensive because I got it second hand. Put it this way, the scanner and the premium Evernote membership is less than what some of my classmates have spent on printing this year.I take notes from books by hand. This is the only bit of my workflow that I'm not happy with. I've tried taking notes from books onto my computer but it's not worked for me yet, the information doesn't stay in and I struggle to balance a book and a keyboard. I scan the notes and then I file these away too. I also scan the front cover and the inside page of the book - so that I have all the info for referencing.In a whole year at university, I have generated about 3/4 of a lever arch file of paper - and that includes an inch thick photocopied 'book' that we were given for one class containing all the readings we needed for the course. Some of my friends have multiple files already. I can't be bothered with storing that. At the end of my course I know I can just chuck these files away and still have all the info. To be honest, I've got no idea why I keep them.
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