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  1. After some trial and error, I noticed that the space was only appears with links to Google Docs documents as well. Pretty sure the space is supposed to be an icon (see screenshot) but it seems that the icon doesn't display sometimes. Not sure why that happens (or if there's fix). I also can't reproduce getting a missing icon consistently.
  2. Darn, I was afraid of that. The main use / advantage of Sticky Notes for me is the fact that they appear my desktop (Windows) all the time. Although I occasionally create more, I primarily have two Sticky Notes that I work with - one is a "scratchpad" that I use it to jot down random stuff, notes when people call, etc and the other is my "to do" list. Having them open on my desktop all the time saves me from having to open Evernote whenever I want to work with them. I thought about just using two Evernote notes and keeping them open all the time but I like the fact that the Sticky Notes notes are small and that they load/open with Windows without me needing to do anything.
  3. Does anyone know of an alternative to Evernote Sticky Notes? It seems that the app isn't being updated any more and, although there is a workaround for recent issues users have had, I'd like to find an alternative in case issues develop that can't be fixed.
  4. Thank you for posting Jackolicious - it's great to see that Evernote is monitoring these forums. Hopefully your desire for these features gets the ear of the product management and development staff. Evernote is a brilliant product and this is the only thing I've encountered that seems to break with "it just works" simplicity of the application.
  5. Well we've finally crested a year for this thread staying active - congratulations everyone! I re-read all of the posts and I think Peter Martin did a great job at summarizing the requests. Also, as pointed out by BurgersNFries and jefito, about the most we're likely to get from EN staff (if they choose to post back at all) is a "thank you for the suggestion" post. Since I don't see that anywhere on this thread (maybe I missed it), I'll temp fate and say: "Hey Evernote staff, how about rewarding everyone that has kept this thread alive for over a year by giving us a "thank you for the suggestion" post."
  6. Interesting - good video. I can see the power of being able to open the image in a separate application and save it back Evernote if you're looking to do complicated edits / changes. I think what I and other people that have posted to this thread are really looking for is simply the ability to control the image size / quality at the time that the note is created - without having to perform a number of additional steps after the fact. Not having this feature means that I'm sending 5MB files every time I add a picture to one of my notes.
  7. @BurgersNFries: Well, this thread has been alive since January and people keep posting to it. Regardless of whether it's been covered before, having Evernote staff respond would be nice. Speaking for myself, all I'd love to hear is that it's on the radar and a ballpark on when it might get slotted in with all of the other features they're working on.
  8. Yes, that was my thought as well. I'm wondering if the Product Management team reviews the forum at all - I think I've seen them respond to other posts so I'm pretty sure they do. I'm a little puzzled why they haven't made any comment yet ... seems like there are a lot of people that really want this feature.
  9. I'm not an iPhone user (yet) but my Android doesn't have this option. The only thing I can do is lower the resolution on the camera. I don't understand why we can't simply have a setting to control this. The way I use Evernote, I can say that 99.99% of the time I would only want to upload web-quality images. The way it's being done now, the images take a long time to upload / download and they end up sucking up a lot of unneeded space in my Evernote account. The power of Evernote in my opinion is the way it makes it so easy to take a note and have it appear on all of my devices. Having to jump through hoops to reduce the size of the image really doesn't seem to fit with the simplicity that Evernote has obviously gone through a lot of pains to maintain in the product.
  10. Interesting, I didn't realize that there was anything similar to Evernote out there. I came over from OneNote because they could sync properly and didn't have a decent iPad / Android solution when I was using it. Does Springpad have the same capabilities as Evernote but with the image problem solved?
  11. +1 on this from me Evernote has quickly become a tool that I use on a daily basis and has replaced other note-taking tools like OneNote that I used to use. So far, the only hole that I've found in the functionality is Evernote's handling of images. Evernote's great because it allows for quick and easy note taking on multiple devices but the inability to a) automatically resize images for your screen and reduce the file size of images captured using your phone, etc. really detract from the usability for image-type notes.
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