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  1. I completely agree that EverNotes should allow for stylus or pen input. Appreciate the Skitch or Penultimate path to Evernote, but absolutely need to do annotations on top of existing EverNotes. Does anyone use Evernote with Smart or IWB Interactive White Boards? Being able to annotate on top of docs with electronic ink on an IWB is an absolute must. Yes, you can keyboard in data, but it isn't the same as circling, highlighting and handwriting when in a collaborative meeting. Understand the point that typing while at a computer makes more sense. I have the keyboard with iPad and Android phone. However, if you are standing in front of a projected image in front of people you don't want to go running for a keyboard - doesn't do much for spontaneous sharing of ideas. Ink handwriting is already part of Evernote. Why not make it an option for editing (thus shouldn't be slower)?
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