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  1. Interesting. I had the same problem and was unable to move the database. Can you please tell me how you moved your database to the desktop? I tried to do this and I got an error message that said that I could not move the folder because another program (presumably Evernote Touch) was using it. Then, the Evernote rep told me to start the Surface 2 in safe mode, which caused a huge problem on my Surface 2. I had to get Microsoft involved to get it back to normal. Microsoft said that they had problems with safe mode on the Surface 2, so I will not try that again. Sounds like GadgetBoy got the problem resolved. I just need to see exactly what he did to get the database to rebuild. Thanks.
  2. I'm a paying Evernote user and I use EN primarily for storing receipts (via camera using EN Android app), managing to-dos (I'm using a great Getting Things Done (GTD) method using tags that I created after reading these forums), taking meeting notes, and just having a place to put everything else. I recently purchased a Surface 2 to replace my 1st gen iPad and the Surface exceeds my expectations, except for the fact that I'm stuck using Evernote Touch. In fact, I really shouldn't say "using" because the app is completely useless. I got it to work once, but it quickly reverted to the crashing, freezing disgrace of an app that should never have been released (did someone say Obamacare website?). In any case, I've figured out a way to take notes on the Surface that works reasonably well, at least until Evernote gets the Touch app to work. I've been using OneNote (which comes free with the Surface) to take meeting notes and then I use the "share" charm on the Surface to send the note to my EN "inbox" notebook via email. Then, when I'm at my desk, I tag and file the notes in the "inbox" into the appropriate place in Evernote for future needs. Of course, I'd rather tag and save directly in EN, but that's just not possible using EN Touch. Luckily, I can still use the Windows version of EN on my desktop computer, which runs Windows 8.1. I would think about moving completely over to OneNote, but it just doesn't seem to work as well for storing receipts, GTD, etc. At least I can now use my Surface 2 for taking and saving notes to EN...
  3. Yup. I agree. I just downloaded the Evernote widget on my Razr Maxx and now I get the same notifications. The notification is still there after I deleted the speech to text notes. Is this just an annoyance or is anything else affected? Maybe I should just uninstall the widget...
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