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  1. Seems all of the URLs for linked notes have changed. None of my links to other EN notes (classic style) work any longer. This is really bad for me. Beta upgraders, beware
  2. I'm receiving the AppleScript Error: "Evernote got an error: Operation would exceed monthly upload allowance." The AppleScript console shows this info for the last line in the script that is kicking that error: append note id "x-coredata://5D5AB38F-0261-4604-A434-00110606F914/ENNote/p520" of notebook "Reference" html "<strong>20140708</strong>: testing<br> FYI, My current Account status: Currently monthly usage 13.3 MB of 1 GB
  3. AppleScript problem? I, for a long time, have used the following AppleScript (via an Alfred shortcut) to append a comment to the end of an existing note. The script no longer works. Haven't tried to troubleshoot yet... will do that soon, but thought I would first post to see if there is an obvious change in the way the beta is handling AppleScript. fyi, in the code below, the variable 'q' is passed in from Alfred and includes the text being appended tell application "Evernote"set query to "notebook:\"Reference\" " & "\"" & "2014 Accomplishments" & "\""set matches to find notes queryset AccomplishmentsNote to item 1 of matchesset today to do shell script "date '+%Y%m%d'"set now to "<strong>" & today & "</strong>"set entryContent to q & "<br>"tell AccomplishmentsNote to append html (now & ": " & entryContent & return & return)end tell thanks for any tips or guidance! -- jay
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