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  1. Thank you Gazumped! I only see version 8.9 under Settings > Support > Check for Updates in my Android app. In Google Play, it says 8.9 as well, updated March 28, 2019. Nothing more granular than 8.9. How would I revert to an earlier version, such as, I'm assuming, 8.9.3? The web app allows you to switch back to the previous version. All of my shortcuts display there. In addition to hiding most of my shortcuts, the new web version also removed all of the tag hierarchy-- another deal breaker for me. I just wish Evernote wouldn't just, willy nilly, take useful functionality away. It's very frustrating.
  2. My Android app (v.8.9) and the new Web app limit the number of shortcuts displayed to six. I have, and use regularly, just over 20. Limiting my shortcuts to the six most recently created or used might simplify the UI but it renders the shortcuts feature pretty much useless! I get the desire for a cleaner UI, but please, let me make that decision. If you must limit the number displayed, make it a setting. I invested a lot of time building those saved searches and make the shortcuts, and they save me time each time I use them. Now, I feel like you've taken that time away from me. Please, may I have my shortcuts back?
  3. Agreed. The warning is annoying overkill. We should be able to disable it. Love Evernote!!!
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