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  1. We have a color library for our notes that identify different priorities. Green - good to go Yellow - still processing Red - Needs Work
  2. Yes, this is a big drag. It slows me down. I'd like to turn it off. I know I'm moving my files to a shared notebook. The notification is fine but it needs to have a toggle on it.
  3. I thought I was alone in this problem. I'm having this same issue. Thanks for telling me that I can revert to an older Evernote version (how do I do that?) and get the clipper tool to add my clipped images to the bottom of the tool rather than always to the top. It is quite annoying and wasteful of time when clipping multiple images and having to re sort them all every time. I'm hoping this is a bug that will be fixed. I have uploaded a video here to show this in action. 2017-12-05_04-55-05.mp4
  4. yes, i prioritize by color. would like more colors for highlighting. i wonder why this is not available. seems so obvious.
  5. Why does it take so long for Evernote to process sharing the note? Its like watching water boil.
  6. Zapier can do this for a fact ? I have looked around in there. Have you done this? Also, does Anyone have a keyboard shortcut for sharing a note via email in Evernote?
  7. I want to know if there is a keyboard shortcut to share an evernote via email. currently i don't see that option
  8. I want to know if there is a keyboard shortcut to share an evernote via email. currently i don't see that option
  9. That would be helpful. I also want to know how I can turn Share a note via email into a keyboard shortcut.
  10. Wow! I can't believe I got caught up in this thread for 15 minutes. It was a mix of entertaining, educational, and exciting. I was waiting for the climax! Then Evernote support popped in and gave us what we were arguing about. Quite a fun ride... thanks Evernote for listening to us. I too really wanted to adjust my email signature. Not because it was unprofessional but because I often times email in my Evernote notes to my CRM inbox and it just clutters up the task that I'm emailing to myself. I was only asking and wanting this to get done to un-clutter my life a little bit when it comes to project management using my tools. I just tested it and it works! THANKS!
  11. Great stuff Couch bandit. I would really like to see a way to bulk change due date of many notes at once.
  12. How can we "Mark a Note as Done?" I can't find that option?
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