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  1. When I try and copy from a note, it doesn't make the clipboard - I can't paste outside of Evernote, or to another note. Latest Evernote - 6.11.1 macOS Sierra 10.12.5
  2. Worse - appears that the ability to go back to the clean, efficient, useful "old version" is now unavailable? I didn't see any "release notes", but it appears to be out of beta and they are forcing everyone to use this "pretty" version. Wow
  3. Wow - how many pages saying the new version is terrible before you get rid of it ?
  4. Evernote - really? You can't respond? Every attachment has 3 icons - "Annotate", "Quick View" and "Download". Can you not create an icon that means "Inline or Icon" that either displays the attachment fully or just a placeholder. Ideally, this is also an icon at the top of the note - or in the menus - that lets me do all attachments in a note at once. And Preferences - perhaps I want JPG to display Inline always, but Word, PDF, to always be the icon representation.
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