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  1. When I try and copy from a note, it doesn't make the clipboard - I can't paste outside of Evernote, or to another note. Latest Evernote - 6.11.1 macOS Sierra 10.12.5
  2. Worse - appears that the ability to go back to the clean, efficient, useful "old version" is now unavailable? I didn't see any "release notes", but it appears to be out of beta and they are forcing everyone to use this "pretty" version. Wow
  3. Wow - how many pages saying the new version is terrible before you get rid of it ?
  4. Evernote - really? You can't respond? Every attachment has 3 icons - "Annotate", "Quick View" and "Download". Can you not create an icon that means "Inline or Icon" that either displays the attachment fully or just a placeholder. Ideally, this is also an icon at the top of the note - or in the menus - that lets me do all attachments in a note at once. And Preferences - perhaps I want JPG to display Inline always, but Word, PDF, to always be the icon representation.
  5. Glad to hear that the blue corner is coming back. And the "Sync Now" action in Settings is OK - I have to wonder why you chose to get rid of the round spin arrow that is in all the versions of EN (Mac, Windows, Web, etc).
  6. Agree that the "blue corner" was useful. And I can't even se a way in iOS to start a sync. Even the "pull down" trick doesn't seem to work. It now kind of works like iCloud - sometimes, when it wants to, it will sync and not tell you. The old sync features were better
  7. Feature is "dynamic notes" - Each is a "search" - just like normal Evernote Search - like a SQL View - results can be "refreshed" (updated) - results - the content of the note, would be a list of all the matching Note titles with links to the note Would let me manage all the "Lists" we keep in Evernote (example: Project list), where each note is a step The single dynamic note is then like a table of contents, or an index of the other notes Enhanced feature: Add the ability to apply/change a TAG on notes with a click. This could mark a specific note on the list as "done" for example.
  8. A simple button to add Date (and/or Date Time) on a page would be great. Especially since a notebook is used for long periods of time and nice to know when a page worked on.
  9. Adding a page to the front of the Penultimate notebook would be great future. This would be especially useful for notebooks that are being viewed in Evernote, as the latest page would be at the top, not at the bottom.
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