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  1. On a Mac, "Enter" is <fn>+<return>. <return> alone doesn't work. --- But we still get the annoying "related notes" window as the next step. I understand the utility for shared notebooks, but it drives me batty that I can't shut that option off for my own. WORKAROUND: <cmd>-w will close the current browser window and at the same time remove the related notes window.
  2. Please add a preference to disable related notes in the Web Clipper. Ugh. I can't dismiss the silly window without using my mouse. I've never **once** looked at a related note.
  3. No reverse date sort order yet? I just spent 25 minutes looking for the solution. One good result of the effort was to discover the 3rd party application: Clever. It's no phone scrolling to the bottom of 75 item list to see the most recent entry. ---
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