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  1. HI There I am trying to get evernote to work on my HTC Touch HD running Windows Mobile 6.1. I am getting the same error message Error 0x00100006 when I try and log into Evernote using my Wi-Fi at home provided by Virgin or at work which is provided by BT. I managed to download the security certificates using the method that Ciuchino2/ documents above. I saved them in all the different formats using a laptop running windows XP, pasted them onto my HTC Touch HD in the same folder as the Evernote programme but it didnt work. I clicked on the link given by civbert@gmail.com above but end up at the top level page of the forum. Search for the certificates in the forum and it brings me full circle back to this page. COULD SOMEONE AT SUPPORT PROVIDE A LINK TO THE CORRECT CERTIFICATES FOR THIS PLEASE. I have an old programme by Laridian (who are currently developing it for Android) on my windows mobile which I want to be able to take notes from and then be able to sync the notes with my Samsung Galaxy NOte and my Windows laptop. Please can someone help !! Thanks. Julie Steadman Harrow, Nr London, UK; HA2 6BZ
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