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  1. Please ignore the snoutiness of _this_ reply, as I truly mean it to be helpful: Evernote has a feature. It advertises that feature. The feature doesn't doesn't work well. Asking Evernote to improve the feature is a totally reasonable request. On the other hand, telling someone who has asked Evernote to improve a poorly-functioning feature to just use other software instead is counterproductive, as it encourages Evernote to not bother fixing poorly-functioning features. It suggests to Evernote that users should not care whether Evernote effectively implements the features it advertises. Evernot
  2. Re-upping this request. Checkboxes remain a horrible user experience on iOS. Not the only horrible user experience inflicted on us by Evernote, but one that should be an easy fix: Make them bigger.
  3. Glad to see this pop back up. I continue to find check boxes maddeningly small on iOS devices. The inability to consistently check an item off a list without triggering the note editor interface is especially problematic now that Evernote scrolls upwards with each keystroke. (Yes, I know that Evernote 7.X supposedly fixes this, but the 7.X releases seem awful enough in enough other ways that I have no plans to update any time soon.)
  4. If it isn't possible to make checkboxes bigger (and I can't imagine why it wouldn't be) another (worse) solution would be to provide an option to temporarily disable the keyboard so it does not pop up.
  5. Checking off boxes in an Evernote list on an iOS device is one of the most consistently frustrating things I do with my phone. Tapping a checkbox requires a great deal of precision; worse, if you miss the box, the on-screen keyboard appears, which you then have to tap to dismiss before again trying to tap the box you were aiming for. I have average or perhaps slightly smaller than average fingers, and average or perhaps slightly greater than average dexterity, and yet it is not uncommon for me to miss the checkbox I'm aiming for 2, 3, 4 times in succession (My all-time record: 7 consecutive
  6. I've had similar problems, making Evernote virtually unusable for text entry on iPhone and not much better on iPad. When typing, the displayed text (and sometimes the cursor) will jump to some other part of the note. I haven't noticed a pattern of when it happens (other than that I'm quite certain it isn't user error), or where the jump takes me. And today a new problem occurred several times when viewing a note: Evernote wouldn't let me swipe all the way to the bottom of the note -- it treated a spot in the note about 3-4 lines from the bottom as the bottom, and when I swiped up to get to the
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