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  1. GM, thanks. I think you've solved my problem, which was simpler than I thought. It *is* possible to simply drag a PDF from the Mac Desktop into Evernote. But it is NOT possible to drag a PDF directly from Mac Mail into EN, like I do with Mac Notes. The extra step is to drag from Mail into the Desktop, and then re-drag from Desktop into EN. Isn't that correct? Don't know why this step is needed, but seems to work. Somehow didn't try it with directly from Desktop. Question: will it ever be possible to simply drag directly from Mail into EN? Or, again, am I missing something simple? thanks, Dan
  2. GM, I'm using Safari, not Chrome, as you surmised. However, that's not the problem, in my view. I have lots of PDFs on my desktop, of course, and from email enclosures. I cannot drag any PDF to Evernote. Thus, it's not a problem of the browser. Maybe I'm missing something simple. There is nothing in my Printer command (such as what Imkedmn suggested) that allows me to 'Send to Evernote.' Should I try to delete the App for Evernote, and reinstall. Maybe I have a corrupted App? But others seem to have the same problem. dan
  3. GM, Thanks for the quick reply. I'm using the latest Mac OS, on MBP, not Chrome. If I open up anything in Mac Preview, there is no way to Save PDF to Evernote. Doesn't exist. Am I missing something? Dan
  4. Will Evernote fix the problem in Mac version to allow PDFs to be copied and pasted from emails (or anything else) into EN? I've reported this to the How To EN list, but there seems to be lots of complaints, and only ineffective solutions. Will have to quit Evernote unless this basic functionality (as in Mac Notes) can be fixed. Dan
  5. Imkedmn, this applescript solution didn't work. It is also too difficult. With Apple Notes, you just copy (or drag over) any PDF to Notes, and it works fine. It's nearly unbelievable that Evernote cannot do this. All my airline info is in PDF format, as are google maps, etc. How is it not possible to simply copy and paste a PDF? I also asked if the Premium version of Evernote can do this. If so, I'd upgrade to that. If not, I'll have to stop using Evernote, even though I like some of its other features. Does Evernote plan to fix this PDF transfer problem? It is so essential, I simply cannot believe that it is not available. thanks, DanW
  6. I use Mac Mail, and am trying to drag-drop PDF from Mail to Evernote. Cannot seem to do this. Have latest upgrades of both systems. I am not, however, using Premium of Evernote. I can do this easily with Mac Notes, but not Evernote. Is this a bug?
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