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  1. Hi all! Thank you for all the replies! I have not had a chance to try these yet, but will give them a shot tonight! We have a 4 month old here and as soon as I am home from work my real job begins! I will read through these suggestions and get it sorted out tonight! Thanks again and I will hopefully have an update for you all in the morning!
  2. I had a bunch of files in my trash and accidentally clicked "Restore Deleted Notes" instead of "Empty Trash". After the damage was done, I clicked on "all notes" and then "updated" giving me a nice chunk of notes at the top of the list that had just been restored. I sent these bad-boys back to the trash- and being the fool I am... emptied the trash. That took care of most of my problem, but now I find that in my big massive mistake, I deleted files I never meant to. Files which somehow had been updated but weren't ones from the trash. Anyways, 2 questions... 1) Can technical support reverse this? I promise I'll be a good boy from now on. If not, then 2) I have my laptop which has not been synced (thus the files are still there). Can I somehow reverse the damage by altering those files on the unsynced laptop and then syncing? Forever yours, Sleepless in Seattle... I mean Tom Hanks... I mean. Oh, its late here.
  3. Please do! I am anxious to see how the pen turned out!
  4. How about pens? I have been watching these guys for the past few weeks (http://handstylus.com/) and so far compared to what I have seen on the market, they offer the most realistic stylus writing experience yet... however, I am excited to see user reviews. I would really love to take notes in class on my ipad, but going against ye ol' pen and paper feel the cons still outweigh the pros. *Grumpy- Of those you have tried... which has been best for practicing/writing kanji?
  5. Nearly 2 months have passed since Evernote's announcement of Penultimate's acquisition, but do we have any idea what they are doing? 2 months is a long time to wait with little or no news, especially (this is my opinion here) when writing on the ipad with a stylus/finger is more of a hassle than a convenience. Am I just blind and not seeing the announcements, or have both companies been really quiet outside of the initial announcement at the beginning of May?
  6. Thanks for the compliment! I am still pretty new to Evernote. I don't understand what you are saying in the above quoted segment! Can you elaborate???
  7. Hello Evernoters! This is my first post on this forum, so please, be gentle. I have a particular note which I check every morning, I call this my master note. This page more-or-less functions as my to-do list. I wanted to add to this page a calender located inside Evernote which I could update on the fly. What I came up is a pretty creative, but basic way to pull it off. I searched high and low for calenders, and even tried to make a few on my own but eventually ended up using the free ones from this website. Nothing special about this particular site, as I am sure dozens of similar websites will give you the same thing. Pretty much I used the web clipper to 'clip selection' one year's worth of months (May 12-May 13). This particular website's calenders also have a cool 'next month' and 'last month' hyperlink which came into play later. After all the clipping, I had 12, one month calenders each as individual pages. On my master note I then wrote all twelve months in a column and hyper-linked each month to the appropriate page via note links. I then went into each note and using the 'next month', 'last month' hyperlinks, fixed it so those now all lead to the appropriate pages too. I then added to the top of each calender, a link which takes them back to my master page so I can easily go to and from the pages to add notes and dates when needed. I then shared it all with my wife so she can modify the calendar when things come up. Overall, it turned out pretty cool. (check out my screenshot) Comments and suggestions are welcome! Thanks in advance!
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