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  1. I've discovered a workaround for this. If your note with check boxes is too complex it might not work, but it works for the simple case I need: - select all the check boxes; for a note that is just a long list of check boxes (which is the case for me) simply do a Select All - click the check box icon above the note; this makes all the lines no longer be check boxes - click it again; now they're check boxes again, but none of them is checked
  2. Note having tried it yet, I'm not certain it will work, but I think making a note with checkboxes to use as a template, and then copying it will often be useful work around. Still, I agree, a way to clear all the checkboxes in a note would be a whole lot more convenient.
  3. I agree that it would be useful. Indeed, I stumbled over this 'cause I was looking for a way to do it. To say it is unlikely to be implemented seems silly: why have checkboxes at all if you're not going to make them useful? Since there's no way to do this, my current plan is to make a template that I can copy every time I need to use the checklist. Not as convenient as a way to clear them, and easily subject to errors if I forget to copy it, so suboptimal. And not having tried it yet, I'm not even sure how well it will work yet.
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