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  1. @BurgersNFries That's what I am saying, "shortly" sounds funny when referring to a software that updates practically every month! Which brings me; how come all my other add-ons work fine? Oh wait.
  2. Since the topic is about compatibility with FF13, I should say that FF releases through the official channel are hardly betas, though. And there's no such thing as a early adopter for a piece of software that updates every few weeks. If EN team can't keep up, it's really not a major problem for me and definitely not my place to judge (after all I am an occasional user - free version), I would just like to know in advance.
  3. Do we really need to file a request for an Evernote product? I thought support was taken for granted. The clipper is advertised as one of the most useful features of Evernote. Unless of course the FF clipper is third-party; if that is the case, my bad and I apologize in advance.
  4. "FF is far more important to me than Evernote. Hint hint." Couldn't have said it better myself, KEM. And still no reply form the EN team.
  5. Hi there, just upgraded FF to v13 and the Clipper was disabled by default as it was found incompatible. Is this going to be fixed soon? thanx
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