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  1. I have the same prolem. I have a Logitech M525 and have had the same problem with other mice. Every place else in Windows 7 the scrolling is fine. Even when I scroll in the snippets window of Evernote the scrolling is very smooth. But when I get into the Notes frame scrolling suddenly starts jumping and it moves half a page for each scroll click. Really is annoying. They have had this problem for years and still have not been able to find a solution for it.
  2. Setpoint Control Center version is 6.32.7, Driver version is 5.33.14. It is the latest version available.
  3. I have a Logitech M705 mouse, which works perfectly on every other application except Evernote. That tells me that the problem is with Evernote, not my mouse. It multiples every setting I give the mouse. If I set the mouse to scroll by 1 line, Evernote scrolls 4. I set 3 lines it scrolls half a page. I set 6 lines is scrolls over a full page. And if I set it to scroll a full page it scrolls over 2 1/2 pages. If I go to any other program on my PC it does exactly what I set the mouse to scroll at. The problem is with Evernote.
  4. I have my mouse scroll wheel set to 3 lines, but when I get into a text window in Evernote it is jumping half a page. Is there any way to fix this? Thanks.
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