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  1. Using the forum on my iPod, I got "use the free iPod app". When I click the link, it goes to my app store, but the app is $1.99.
  2. hello, sorry if this was already posted.... the forum link in the main website footer is a bad link. it goes to https://discussion.evernote.com/ which gives This webpage is not available the correct link is http://discussion.evernote.com/ with http, not https.
  3. Thanks. The instructions in the Knowledge Base are not much help. https://support.ever...questionID=3102 True, it says "in the note editor", but it took this forum thread to clarify for me how it's done. Like others, I was trying to use the search box in the Notebook tab of the note editor-- oops, i mean the Notebook tab of the app!
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