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  1. I just downloaded EverNote. Seriously, like 30 minutes ago. I was confused about an advertised feature, so I came to the forum. This was the first post I happened to read. And the animosity is the reason I will be deleting the app. And the account. As soon as I can figure out how to do it. This "BurgerNFries" person is aggressive, at best. How a company could allow someone to say "leave if you don't like it" is beyond me. But since no one employed by EN disputed her post, I can only assume it is because they agree with her. Now *that* is a horrible business model. Also not a good way to win friends or influence people. Certainly not a good way to make money. Without customers, no business model will work. It doesn't matter how many free or pay services you provide, allowing someone to offend possible customers is abhorrent, no matter how much they "love" your product. And with that, I'll take her advice. And leave. Because I don't like the tone of the board or the obvious lack of customer service. And before you say I'm not a customer because I didn't pay, remember that I had the potential. *If* this ever gets posted, I'm just glad I won't be around to be flamed by BurgerNFries. And as I go back to SpringPad, I wonder how many other people may have left without letting you know. Maybe you should, too. Or maybe you really don't care. Either way, I've let you know, and my review on the marketplace will let everyone else know, as well.
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