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  1. Hi, I am using the latest beta (6.10 Beta 1) on OSX 10.12 on a MacBook Pro Retina. Has anyone experienced any issues with the presentation mode causing high cpu usage? I only found the post below addressing something like this but since I am running a beta I wanted to post this here.
  2. Hi, I have been following this group and the recent development quite eagerly so I felt compelled to write up a few lines on how I would like to use Evernote on Medium because I thought it might be too much text for a post here. The TL:DR is basically that I think it is not clear enough what Evernote tries to be and that it should think of it as a platform that offers built upon its API different services/applications to different target groups centered around a highly collaborative Evernote App with live text editing, reflow able text editing, tasks that can be attached to everything (see the link above)...and another simple Note App for people that like to use Markdown and don't need the collaborative features (to mention dayone here once again ). I don't know what you have defined as your ideal customer or what personas you are building the software for but as much as I am appreciating the new openness and communication I am not sure who is engaging in this conversation. There is probably a large number of people that will only start complaining once you have changed something together with the participation group. This is why I think the platform approach is useful. Like what box does around files does Evernote around notes. What do you think?
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