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  1. For free basic users, there is no help by chat or e-mail (Upgrade for Chat-Support or E-Mail-Support), so i hope to find answer here on the forum. I wanted to upload a note with seven jpg images, that on my computer have together a total size of 23.8 MB (25,027,103 bytes), therefore being inside the upload limit of 25 MB per note for basic users (see https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/209005247-What-are-the-system-limits-of-Evernote-), But unfortunately after the three first images where uploaded there was a pop-up window telling me i have to upgrade to save larger notes. Then i noticed down on the left (on note window) that the note size was already 18,1 MB, so i re controlled the three uploaded images on my computer, that told me they three had a total size of 2.32 MB (2,441,948 bytes). Why does Evernote try to cheat on size; to make me upgrade?
  2. I had problems with the Evernote webclipper as downloadable from FF add-on site. So i de-installed it and downloaded the evernote_web_clipper- from the forum link here above. Installing this new one, i've noticed it took unfortunately very long to install on FF 12 too. As the last version i had from add-on site slowed FF 12 and it's installation was extremely slow too. I hopep this new one would be better. But unfortunately i was able to count from 0 to 152. So its about 150 seconds to install on this new webclipper version 5.1.0. That's much to long too. Clearly's installation was a breeze, so it would be nice the webclipper would install fast too or at least faster. The new version resolved the add-on options menu scroll down, because i was unable to scroll to bottom with last version on 10'' screen of my netbook. But after i filled in user name and password and clicked on login (by the way would be nice if you would enable it to work with LastPass) the square shows login in to Evernote. After that the empty square remains there. When i later then re-klick on the webclipper icon it shows te login again. So i cannot use webclipper making me sad.
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