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  1. (Archived) Request: Skitch for iPhone/iPod

    Often, I take a photo of the handwritten shopping list posted on the side of the fridge. Being able to cross out items ON THE IMAGE would be convenient. Maybe IDoodle2 or some other non-synching app would do the job for me.
  2. Even if it were stripped-down a bit compared to the iPad version. Here's why: I have frequently had a problem with losing the shopping list in the middle of running errands. Taking only a picture of it to the store solves this problem. I really wish I could check off or cross out items on this list, though.... * photograph the family's shopping list * Share the shopping list with other family members * "cross off" items as they are purchased. Thanks for considering my suggestion.
  3. Thanks for confirming that this will work. One premium membership will suit my needs. And maybe Febs', too.
  4. @Phil Dean -- thanks for that. All fine now. Sorry for the support ticket. I didn't know "brief" could mean up to 90 minutes.
  5. I've been considering getting one premium membership, and keeping the shared notebooks in the premium account. Then, I can share stuff with others and keep other stuff private. And so can the other user(s). Wouldn't that allow the non-premium member to edit stuff in our shared notebook?
  6. I have been unable to log into evernote web, or synchronize from iphone or desktop for over an hour. Web login attempts are met with the page Has "my" shard been unavailable for so long? --------------------------------------- Update: I can now login to the web and am getting updates on desktop and mobile. I wonder if you could change your status message to let users know that it is normal for "brief interruptions" to last an hour. If you had, then I wouldn't have posted, or started a support ticket to report what turns out to be a non-issue. Thanks