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  1. In some cases, if you need to use the same note several times, the solution can be export the note as a html file and import this file in the browser. I created my own starting page with this method. And yes, this feature is really annoying.
  2. May be I have mentioned that your software produces empty notes in online notebooks, throwing my data away, sending it to some black hole. That hasn't changed since I have 60 MB storage place again, theoretically.
  3. On the web page, account summary: "Monthly Usage 60 MB (99%) remaining this month Your monthly limit resets in 26 days" In the Windosw software: "Monthly upload allowance used: 60 MB of 60 MB, 100%. 26 days left in cycle." Seems to be a large bug. --- I think the software is lying, saying that after the monthly limit, notebooks are stored locally. No, notebooks are stored empty. I insist that nothing should allowe or cause data losses.
  4. No, empty notes are created in the online notebooks, but without any warning or advice. Changes to existing notebooks are disappearing also without warnings. So data is easily going lost. (Local notebooks seem to be ok.) Today, a new problem: Evernote indicated yesterday, I had 0 days left and 100 percent of space filled (full). Today, I have 27 days left and still 100 percent filled. What???
  5. So, there's one important thing you never should do with Ever: causing data losses. That's actually happening in my case, data limit reached, and the program is producing empty notes, so, information is going lost. What you indicate in your dialog box about local storage, seems to be erroneous. May be I should start to make copies from Evernote data files, only just in case, next time existing data were lost.
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