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  1. Thanks for the reference. I had read that as well. Unless I'm missing something though, evidently there is currently nothing in the works either in house or with PA.c?
  2. Nope. This is old, so you may have already seen it. But in case you missed it. http://www.kleinfelter.com/node/247 Yeah, I had read that but the comments to the instructions aren't too promising and I really hate to jump into it (did I mention I'm a lazy toad). I'm a huge fan of PA.c and have scoured thier forums as well. EN is one of very few apps that I am willing to use that is not portable. From my perspective, EN is a fantastic, useful tool and offering a portable version would elevate the developers to god-status. Thanks for the offer of help though.
  3. I can't log in to EN from work as IE8 fails every time and upgrade to IE9 is not an option. If I use portable firefox there is no problem, but I don't like using portable FF on my work machine. I also work on family/friends boxes, sometimes without internet connection. A portable version of EN would help me out there as well. I have searched the forums and don't see anything recent about progress towards offering a portable version. Anyone hearing any news?
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