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  1. Any news of fixing the syncing/conflicting changes bug? It's been over a week now
  2. +1 for this, would be a super useful feature. Thanks.
  3. Likewise, it's cool ice water in comparison. It just 'works'.
  4. You misunderstand. He means that he only wants to see the tags that are assigned to items inside a specific notebook. Different notebooks house different sets of tags, so to see every single tag used, rather than updating/filtering the list to respond to the notebook you are in, creates unnecessary visual clutter.
  5. I managed to roll back to v3 without any noticeable problems. Just make sure you back-up/export your whole library beforehand.
  6. I love how this missing feature was mentioned heavily during the beta feedback over the past few weeks, and nothing has been done about it in the final release! Clueless idealogical devs charge on without a care for the actual users once again. *thumbs up*
  7. This doesn't really suffice in my opinion - I want to be able to see the breakdown of a notebook in terms of meta data without having to click again. Even if I do use the drop-down, i'll have to click for a second time to get somewhere where a single click would have got me before - How is this progress? This worked perfectly in the previous version, and made total sense. Why keep fiddling? But don't worry, I don't expect anything to be actually changed. Just happy that Version 3.0.6 still works perfectly, and does everything I need.
  8. UPDATE 04.11.2012 - Pruned comments for clarity and excessive verbiage. Will expand if I get a chance to re-upgrade. Notebooks - Can't drag an item to a notebook - Notebook page seems pretty pointless - Just build functionality back into sidebar - Skeuomorphism of the notebook view. No need for this aesthetic in a digital notebook, but at least there is an option to turn this off. - No total counts in sidebar Tags - Tag page scrolls right, not down (Anti-intuitive) - As with notes, no total counts in sidebar - Tag list no longer updates to reflect active notebook - Hide unassigned tags option removed - Tag page is pretty pointless - As per notes, just build functionality into sidebar General - Navigation back and forth has been removed - No trash in sidebar - Toolbar no longer customisable - Usage no longer in toolbar - You need to go into account info - Thumbnail view still terrible - 'Cover' view iteration from version 3 was far better. No option to hide overlaid text. - Option to resize the thumbnails has been removed - Vertical list view still not available - Massive icons wasting space - Ornamental rather than useful - Atlas - Why? - New sidebar is far too gimmicky - Bring back solid functionality and reduce excessive layers/hierarchy e.g. Notebook/Tag pages For balance, some GOOD things: - Thumbnail view is an improvement on the last version. i.e. I can actually see a reasonably nice view of the note, still an issue though, as above. - It does look a bit nicer - Advert removed - (Will add more if and when I re-upgrade)
  9. Fair play, this version is even worse than the last. I've already rolled back to version 3.0.2, but if you would like, I will re-upgrade and make a note of everything I find to be a wrong with it. Please don't just charge on with implementing this version, I implore you to listen to people's concerns. In the meantime, I seem to have lost all my offline notebooks with the move from 3 to 5, any ideas where I might find them? I thought they might have returned when I downgraded, but they're still missing.
  10. Just adding my support to this. Please bring back the old thumbnail view, or at least allow us the option to use it. What was once a useful, intuitive feature has been cast aside in favour of something I cannot comprehend as any kind of improvement. I add many PDFs to Evernote, including ebooks, so when I view these as a collection I enjoy being able to clearly see all the covers, akin to the Kindle or iBooks library, so I can quickly find what i'm looking for, in addition to enjoying an attractive array of nicely designed covers. I am currently stuck on version 3.0.6, and although my financial support is tiny and imperceptible to such a large company, I won't be going premium again, or updating until some ground is made on this.
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