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  1. I was wondering how difficult it would be to add more advanced search features; in particular I think some of these would be useful /s In same sentence+s Preceding within sentence/p In same paragraph+p Preceding within paragraph% But not/n Within n terms of! Root expander+n Preceding within n terms of* Universal character# Prefix to turn off plurals and equivalentsI'm just curious as to how difficult this would be to implement! I know that I would find this grammar extremely useful!
  2. Hey there! My old thread You've actually been able to open attached PDFs in preview and annotate them like that for quite a while! However now it's a choice between preview and skitch. the question I had was if there is a way to use a different annotation program (in particular skim). it's less important now, not because of the annotation feature of Evernote, but because Preview has gotten a hell of a lot better at annotation since Mavericks came out
  3. I'm just wondering, when is Web Clipper 6 coming to Firefox? I don't use Chrome often, but I do love the new web clipper!
  4. I'm also a big fan of the new web clipper! I love the way clearly got integrated into it. My only complaint is that it's not out on firefox! Is firefox support coming? I use chrome occasionally, so I saw the update and loved it, but now I miss it in my main browser.
  5. I'm on a mac, and I have an application I like to use to mark up academic PDF documents. I like to keep all these documents organized in Evernote, however I've only recently noticed that if I open a PDF from the note in evernote, then mark up the pdf, save, and close, not only does the pdf in the note not change, but when I open up the pdf in the other application with the same method, all of my edits are gone. Help??
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