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  1. Hey; Just one voice, from another developer, saying please DON'T take the time to work on this. OSX 10.8 is pre-release software, changing frequently, and full of bugs. Evernote users running it should be developers who know and understand that; if they're 'early adopters' using developer-only code for whom this is 'inconvenient' or 'please fix fast thanks', well, read the back of your ticket: 10.8 is not for daily use yet. If you don't understand that, well, it's not my place to tell you you shouldn't be running it, but really, do you need to put the burden on the backs of these developers doing such good work? Chill out, or run released software. Heat, kitchen, etc. I'd rather have Evernote work on their own bugs and/or new features than spin around in circles chasing a moving target that is reasonably likely to be an Apple bug that vanishes by the time 10.8 is actually released - you know, the time when you're supposed to start using it for real, day-to-day work? Good work, guys, and don't feel pressured to waste it.
  2. Using the web clipper makes one note per page, and using screen captures results not in text but in pictures of text; useless for many purposes. I've been surprised by this every time I try to accumulate useful data into a note and can't paste in images, only insert images that I already have as files (exactly the thing I'm avoiding) I see no reason why failing to be able to copy and paste an image is anything but a bug or serious gap.
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