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  1. Yes, it's certainly still an issue for me on the PC desktop client. (I just tried, and a 360KB jpg became a 4.7MB jpg, with a corresponding 4.7MB gone from my monthly allowance.) On the PC I therefore still do things the old-fashioned way - open the image in Windows Photo Gallery, rotate and close. That saves it back into Evernote and keeps the image the same size. However, on Android things have moved on. The good news is that I can now rotate images (using Skitch) and save them without increasing the file size. So it's a partial solution! Incidentally, it would be great if the Camera feature on the Android app simply had an option to rotate an image before saving it into a note. When I'm capturing documents, about 50% of the time the camera guesses the wrong orientation, which is where most of my rotation needs arise!
  2. Thanks both! I have previously done what you have done, gazumped, i.e. opened the photo from the desktop (in Windows Live Photo Gallery), rotated and saved. That was not too bad, even with the double upload. I've just tried doing another jpg using Evernote's rotate - it went from a 900K jpg to an 8MB png. That's crazy! Back to the old way for now... My main need on this is scanning in text documents from my phone's camera. So a great solution for me would be if Evernote could either: take on board the orientation data from the phone; or, even better automatically rotate based on detecting the predominant text direction. Surely that wouldn't be too hard as it's putting it through OCR anyway! And that would cover the times when the phone gets it wrong. I'm a total Evernote fan, and having this sorted would just make it one little bit slicker...
  3. Native image rotation is a great idea! However, not only am I finding this slow (c.20 seconds), I'm also finding that images are converted into a huge png file - say 3-5MB, even if they start off as a small jpg. What's more, that quantity of data is then deducted from my monthly usage allowance! Any way of rotating images without this happening? Evernote on Windows 7 64bit
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